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Introduction to Al-Hayat Plastic Pipes Manufacturing Company: Al-Hayat Plastic Pipes Manufacturing Company was established in 1996 and within a few years it was able to occupy a leading position in the manufacture of plastic pipes in Egypt and the Arab countries - the company provided the market with a variety of high-quality products to serve different sectors (water - sewage - irrigation - telephones - electricity - industrial) .. etc.
The name of (Al-Hayat) has a mark on the high quality that conforms to the Egyptian and international standards. The quality excellence of our products is linked to the assurance of our management to take the research and development methods and the selection of the finest raw materials and the application of the latest organization and management systems in manufacturing. The most important of the company to be our factories equipped with the latest global production lines so that the processes of mixing and operation automatically without any manual intervention, which ensures the stability of measurements and mixing ratios and final production quality.The company has supported the factory with central laboratories to inspect the incoming raw materials before operation, control the quality of production during operation and inspect the final product

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The company exclusively manufactures special pieces of high quality and technology. Manufacturing from the same pipe body according to the latest production methods, which in turn satisfy the needs of different sites and projects.Among the privileges that the company took into account the presence:
1- Obtaining accreditation from the National Authority for Potable Water and Sanitation for all its products.
2 - Accreditation in all research centers that do tests of plastic pipes.
3- Obtaining ISO 9001 certificate for all our pipes.
4 - A team of engineers and technicians at the highest level of experience and training on the latest European technology.
5 and the presence of a technical team trained to solve all the problems that occur during the installation on site and training workers to install.
6. The Chairman of the Board of Directors (A / Mustafa Abdel Majid Salem) has taken care that the quality of the final product is our first goal in order to promote the Egyptian product and compete in the Egyptian and Arab markets.